Carragher looks at “Ronaldo” of the dead stock

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Ronaldo Sky Sports analyst Jamie Carragher sees the status and qualities of Manchester United striker Cristiano Ronaldo as a “traditional” item for modern football. So it’s not surprising that every camp in Europe, even if they’re not fans, shook their heads.

Ronaldo has said he wants to leave United , then refuses to join the 2022 pre – season tour , citing family reasons. And just having a 45 -minute home ufabet game warm-up last weekend created drama to run away from home before the ball was over.

Not all cute behaviors besides making the agency fed up. It also negatively affects other teams, which are linked to news, do not dare to take risks as well.  

Which style of play focuses on standing and hanging like a ball a decade ago? Wrong with this era where the target striker has to be crazy about running pressing the top area.  

Causing ‘ Carra ‘ to summarize the situation of ‘ CR 7 ‘ as an obsolete product. There is a risk during use. Spare parts are scarce and cannot claim insurance if there is a problem.

“ Since Manchester United signed him from Juventus last summer, I was ashamed to myself that the team bought a weird one. ” Opening his mouth in the ‘ Overlap ‘  show.

” Because I always felt that this kind of situation had to come, even if Cristiano did a great job for United . ” 

“ I can’t believe that the contract that was signed is 2 years long, plus the option to extend the team for 1 more season, which throughout his career has never played a secondary role. But when the players come to this age, we all know that the body is not the same. ”

“ He can still play for longer than anyone because of his professionalism. Take good care of your body. ”  

” But the truth is you’re 37 , turning 38 this season, not the same ‘ Do ‘ again .

“ Maybe it’s still a good finisher but not a great player anymore. I could be wrong, but I think that at present, no team in Europe wants him to join the army. ”